Blushing Zebra is an Independent Music Publishing Company with operations in Australia and the U.K. We manage a catalogue of compositions for use across Film, Television and Online Media.


With our own publishing administrative function, we take care of the registration and all related documentation for each composition in our catalogue

Royalty Collection

Our relationships with collection agencies Worldwide ensure that all performance and mechanical royalties are accounted for on behalf of our composers. This collection covers; TV, Radio, Film, Commercial Release, Digital Streaming and Games


One of the ways we proactively help our composers build extra revenues, is by getting compositions and recordings ‘placed’ alongside moving pictures. At Blushing Zebra, we’re always seeking Music Synchronisation Licencing opportunities for works within our catalogue

About Us

Based in Western Australia and the UK, we’re an Independent Music Publishing Company, managing a catalogue of high quality compositions for use across Film, Television and Online Media.

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